Anti-Spam Policy and owner Stuart Stirling have a very strict "no spam" policy which we enforce on all users and in particular to affiliates as it is a part of the affiliate agreement.

We do not engage or encourage affiliates to engage in SPAM tactics or fraud and shun SPAM and unlawful, unethical and illegal activities of every kind.

We are actively doing everything we can to prevent and remove spam from the internet community. We seek your assistance to end unlawful advertsing and spam.

Have you need spammed? 

If you were contacted by a person claiming to be the owner of this website but sending you through this link, please know that you were not contacted by the owner, but rather an affiliate posing as the owner. The owner of this website does not engage in unlawful promotion and spam.

Reporting spam?

If you feel you have been spammed by email from an unlawful source, please make sure that it is actually spam first. 

In some cases, promotional emails will be sent to you because you have requested it or agreed to receive it by "opting in" to a mailing list. Often, these emails have an opt-out/unsubscribe link which will remove your email address from the mailer's list. 

If after you can confirm that you have actually received spam which you didn't agree to receive and would like to report an email as a spam incident, visit Spam Cop to report your case.

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